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my debut album:

Where do we go when culture and country is stripped off only to leave us with the risks of our own isolation? How many rejected swipe-rights, legislations of erasure and glitter-less, terror-filled nights before you arrive at your truth?

Brown Church is a musical spectacle as served by Melbourne-based revolution, Naavikaran. At this holy, gay altar we witness the journeys of displacement, queer liberation and the euphoria of culture as explored through spoken word poetry, rap, hip-hop and balladic music, interspersed with various western and South Asian influences.Brown Church centres queerness as a central faith, bringing out the exuberant need to realise colonisation in order to destroy it. This work is prayer. It is a call for community. It is the future grounded in reality.

Come forth and be revered.

Released August 19, 2022 by ruhmantic. Executive Producer: Levi Kohler

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Stylish Influencer Posing Outdoors

"...the powerhouse duo redefine the boundaries of genre, and music itself, through the symbiosis of earnest spoken word poetry and dynamic musical accompaniment."

- Starving Kids

theatre reviews

all reviews by nothing ever happens in brisbane

"People of Colours (2021) is an important performance that has been created by BIPOC performers and creatives behind the scenes, allowing them a stage where they can express themselves and speak on various issues that impact marginalised voices and people of colour"

"Naavikaran holds the audience in their palm, caresses their identity and blows them a big beautiful brown worship kiss (in Brown Church, 2021)"

"The fact that a platform was created to serve as an ode to queer survival, resilience, and joy feels like a magnificent feat. The weight of all that hoping, dreaming, and manifesting is palpable. Naavikaran and their artist-collaborators are determined to take up and own space unapologetically (Brown Church, 2022)"